Pippin's Taproom at High Gravity

Gluten-Free Craft Beer by High Gravity Now on Tap

Gluten-Free Craft Beer by High Gravity Now on Tap

If you have been by Pippin’s Taproom in the last few months, you know that High Gravity Brewery has been pumping out quality beers in a wide variety of styles and strengths. But did you know that each beer on tap is also a good choice for craft brew enthusiasts on a gluten-free diet?

Our brewing process includes the addition of an enzyme additive that effectively reduces gluten content in beer to negligible levels. The additive is called Clarity Ferm, a product of renowned yeast producer White Labs. From their website:

Clarity Ferm significantly reduces the gluten content in beers made with barley and wheat. A Clarity Ferm treated beer made from barley or wheat will typically test below 20 ppm of gluten, which is the international threshold for brewing considered “gluten free.”

So if you need a good Tulsa spot for a family friendly – and gluten-free outing, come check us out. And if you are a homebrewer who wants to reduce gluten in your own recipes, High Gravity Homebrew Supplies sells Clarity Ferm. Pick some up and try it out for yourself.

Disclaimer: High Gravity does not test the active gluten levels in production beers. We therefore do not recommend High Gravity beer if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease. Nevertheless, we are confident that our beers are safe for those who experience mild to moderate gluten intolerance, or anyone who has chosen a gluten-free diet for other reasons.