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Pandemonium Club

Pandemonium Club

Did you know that a group of Parrots is known as a pandemonium? Well, now you do, so fluff your feathers and start preening.

Announcing High Gravity Brewing Company’s Pandemonium Membership Club! New member registrations are limited and will only be available for a short window each year.

Memberships are $250 per person and only one membership per person is allowed.


Members-Only Party for all releases, the first being in the Winter of 2019

THREE Pandemonium-Only Releases:

  • Three 500-mL bottles (Subject to change based on current number of members and packaging)
  • All Pandemonium-Only releases will be barrel aged.
  • Option to purchase leftovers

FOUR Public Brewery Releases:

  • Pandemonium Stash Reserved for you
    • Three 500-mL bottles or four 12-oz cans, DEPENDING ON PACKAGING

All members receive:

  • Pandemonium Membership Card   
  • Exclusive Glassware   
  • 10% OFF All Regular Taproom Purchases (Including Liquefaction Crowlers)
  • 10% discount does not apply to Happy Hour Specials.
  • Additional perks as we think of them…

**PLEASE NOTE: Taproom discounts go into effect after the registration ends, and membership cards have been distributed. You must show your Pandemonium membership card to receive taproom discounts. Please inform your server at the beginning of your order.


Pandemonium Memberships go on sale May 6, 2019 at noon and close at midnight on June 17, 2019

Limited to 150 memberships




A brewery membership is a private group with exclusive access to some special beers. These are very small-batch, barrel-aged brews. Additionally, members receive guaranteed allotments of other, public, brewery-only releases, plus taproom discounts, glassware, and more.

No. We are not legally allowed to ship your beer.

The initial pickup window for your allocations will be at some point in the late winter of 2019-2020. We are currently anticipating December-January.

Absolutely. You will receive a link in your membership confirmation email for you to list your proxies.  If you would like to add a proxy to your membership, or if you need to make a change to your existing proxy and you’ve misplaced the email with the link, email desiree@highgravitybrew.com. Please Note: Choose your proxies carefully. We aren’t responsible for the product once it is gone and we will not release your beer to anyone unless they are on your approved list, or unless we hear from you first. All proxies must provide photo I.D. when picking up your allotment.

To ensure we and the Pandemonium members have a great experience we are limiting membership to 150. Additionally, keeping membership small allows us to take the time and care that these special beers deserve.

Becoming part of a brewery membership comes with the understanding that special beers are unpredictable, and we want to make sure what we offer is exceedingly awesome. Beers and the aging process are unpredictable, and we aren’t going to commit to a specific beer that doesn’t meet our and your expectations.

Yes, but we will need all the information required for registration for the person you are giving the membership to.

A member may not cancel or terminate their membership for any reason. No refunds are available. If you aren’t satisfied with your Pandemonium membership for any reason, remember that the term of membership is only one year and memberships are not automatically renewed. 

Primarily email, this website, and a private Facebook group. The first communication with inaugural members will occur after membership closes on June 1, 2019.

21 Duh.

One membership per person. But you can buy memberships as gifts. See above.

High Gravity reserves the right to cancel a membership at any time for any reason. Such reasons may include but are not limited to: members reselling Pandemonium bottles at retail establishments; abuse of federal and state alcohol related laws; or attempted purchase for or shipment to minors.

Membership applies for one calendar year following registration (365 days). High Gravity may substitute any scheduled beer for another beer, merchandise, or partial refund.

Sure. Existing members will have an exclusive pre-sale renewal period each year.

Even though we will not guarantee exactly what the barrel releases will be, we do have an idea of what we are anticipating.  Here’s a peek at what we have in the works…

  • Imperial Saison fermented with wild yeast and bacteria and aged in Chardonnay barrels.
  • Barrel aged Maple Imperial Stout
  • Belgian Quad aged in red wine barrels.

High Gravity will have at least 8 public/bottle releases between June 1st, 2019 to May 31st, 2020.

These will be a combination of the several styles. Currently these are the anticipated releases but they can change.

  • Watermelon IPA – July 2019
  • Imperial Quad – September 2019
  • Pumpkin Ale – October 2019
  • Barleywine – December 2019
  • Maple Stout – February 2020
  • Brett IPA – March 2020
  • Flanders Red – April 2020
  • Elderflower Saison- May 2020

Possible other releases may be announced and they will be in the spirit of experimentation and novelty.

  • “Pastry” Stouts
  • Unique Sours
  • Crazy IPA’s
  • Belgian Styles with extra “Flare”



Feel free to contact desiree@highgravitybrew.com for any additional clarifications or information.

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